Solid Surfaces for Technicalities  
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Mineral-acrylic plastic used in interior design and in the furniture industry.

One board is made of 2/3 mineral filler and 1/3 acrylate, combining best properties into new quality material. This material preserves all of its original characteristics for very long periods of use. Even after long-lasting usage, mineral-acrylic surfaces will look good and fresh as if it was new. Solid surfaces offers a wide range of choices allowing for design and aesthetic expression.

Universe of possibilities: playground for imagination, inspiration and dreams coming true. You can have unique house, full of your dream designs in bathrooms (flowing look of seamless perfection). It can also be custom-cut and designed to take virtually any shape or form.

Smart surface: utility first, so solid surface is easy-to-maintain; non-porous; and mold-; mildew- and bacteria- resistant when properly cleaned. 

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