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Style and functionality combined hospitality and comfort for hotel guests. This will and should be provided by solid surfaces.

If hotel guests are expected to be come back to the hotel, first impression is vital. Stained tables, chipped bathroom appliances will not do the trick. Welcoming atmosphere is required from reception area, rooms, dining room if one time tourists are to become regular guests. Functionality and design of solid surfaces increases reception of hospitality and decorum in the hotel. Turn acrylic surfaces in whatever you want: bathrooms, counters for the lobby, interior of boutiques and hair salons, massage tables for SPA activities: all to fulfill customer needs.

Guest rooms which through design, can be fitted for fresh modern, new style or refurnishing old look so it is renewed vintage material.

Clean, well designed rooms will become oasis, for the guests to rest. Easy to maintain allows hotel owner to make a smaller gap, between guests in the room for help can make room ready faster.

Hotel restaurants which guests will remember? It is possible with solid surface. Great designs stay in mind, ease of maintaining hygiene makes acrylic surfaces ideal for restaurants and bars.

Durability of this material, makes it hotel owners budget happy, for it is easy to maintain clean, renew, it will serve its purpose for a years to come.

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